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On Writing

Everyone talks about writing, everyone knows how to do it so why is it only the foolhardy few who actually get down and do it.

So let me tell you about writing.

It’s hard work. It’s fun but it’s a lot of very hard work too.

Why is that you ask? Surely writing is easy .. making up people and inventing their lives, how hard can it be?

The imagery is easy enough, if you have an imagination you can create.. even a little child can do it but doing it day in and day out. Editing and re editing, going over and over the same pages but in your soul you know this scene or that doesn’t work.

So you keep going, changing the words around until it sounds better, sounds sharper. Then you read it again and after changing it again, you delete it.

This goes on throughout the whole manuscript until you wonder why you bothered at all, it’s rubbish, no one will read and you wonder if you should give it all up.

Then comes the day..The DAY when you either send it off to a publisher or agent or upload to Amazon… The DAY when you send your baby out into the Big Bad World to fend for itself.

I envy those who say writing is easy…    the more I write the harder it becomes…

What do you think?

About me

10 facts about me

1              I’m 5ft 2in tall and it has never bothered me.

2              My eyes are greeny-grey.

3              I love cats, we have six of them.

4              I’m claustrophobic and I’m scared of the dark so never stick me a small dark cupboard.

5              I work in an Inner city Primary school.

6              I love the smell of Vanilla.

7              I write about Luca Grey, a half demon-blooded witch in the Demon Witch series.

8              I also write sweet romances for Bookstogonow, my American publisher.             

9              I’m married to the most wonderful man and have been blessed with two daughters.

10           I’d love to give up the day job and write full time.


How about you?  Tell me about you.                      




To everyone who has commented on my Christmas in July post, thanks a million. I have to confess to being totally pants at promoting my or my work but I’m trying…bear with me.

I’ve been very busy with domestic obligations  but the lucky winner of the £10 Amazon voucher should receive it by the end of today. Everyone else, as a bug thank you for taking the time to post, I will be sending a free PDF of my story, Christmas with Mr Jeffers.

It was great to read all your comments. 

Julie   xx

Christmas memories.

Christmas for me is a very special time. I’m not religious in the conventional sense but my strongest memories of my childhood are all centred around Christmas.

My Father loved Christmas. I think he was probably a bigger kid than the five of us. He would decorate a pretty tree and always sat it in front of the window so anyone passing by could enjoy it too. He always cooked the Christmas dinner and we would wake to the smell of the turkey cooking, he would get up early to start the dinner of turkey and all the trimmings.

Christmas Pudding alight with brandy would be brought to the table with gasps of delight and then smothered with thick creamy custard. The dining room sideboard strained with the weight of the goodies placed on display on top of it. Chocolates, sweets, nuts and dates would vie for position with bottles of deep red Port, Brandy and fizzy drinks for the kids.

Christmas was, and still is, very much a family time for my family, never more so than the year my father died.  We buried him three days before Christmas but we decided that the special day would be spent together, as always, in his memory.

So we gathered, sadly at first, until the laughter started, the memories flowing as we realised that he was surely standing silently watching us, enjoying the day as much as we were.

Now, every Christmas day is filled with the memories of my father, bittersweet, both sad and happy and we raise a glass to the man who taught us to value this special day.

I want to hear your childhood memories, tell me why Christmas day is special for you. Make me smile, or bring a tear to my eye and the one who invokes the deepest emotion in me will receive a £10 Amazon gift voucher.

It’s over to you.

Thank for popping along to my blog and I look forward to hearing from you.

Julie   xx




Christmas in July

Christmas in July

Christmas in July Day One

It seems ages since I posted a blog…ok I admit it, it has been ages since I posted here.

All my good intentions to blog regularly faded under the pressures of real life but I’ve just joined a new blog hop and need to get myself up to date.

This blog hop is about Christmas. Yes, you read it right…Christmas in July!!

Here in England we’re sitting in a very unseasonal heat wave and I’m going to be writing about Christmas… how surreal is that?

I don’t know about you but I love Christmas and the opportunity to start thinking about Christmas is too good to ignore.

So for the next few days leading up to the blog hop I’m going to posting my thoughts and memories of Christmas. Please feel free to join me. x

Bookstogonow Summer Nights Blog Hop

Today, Im taking part in my very first blog hop and while Im not totally sure of what Im doing, Im hoping you will all join in and have some fun.

Leave a comment and tell me about your long hot summer night..never now it might trigger a story,,keep it clean and one lucky commentor will receive a £10 Amazon gift card…. it could be you …

There’s lots of blogs to follow and lots of prizes plus you’ll discover a whole new world of fantastic writers….  good luck


Writer’s Blank

I started a new story last night. A romance but something I haven’t tried before.  I’d written 1600 words before I went to bed at 2am.

That’s nothing exceptional, I hear you mutter. It is for me.

I’ve been suffering from the worst affliction known to writers.

Writer’s block.

It’s a misnomer, it should be called WRITER’S BLANK.

And I’ve been suffering for months. If you’re not a writer, then you have no idea what it’s like.

Let me explain.

Let’s imagine you have a very important job… you’re Prime Minister of Britain and you forget what you’re meant to be doing…..scrap that….that’s been done.

Let’s try again …

Ok. you’re a brilliant brain surgeon and your first job of the day is to fix the mind of …let’s say a Nuclear scientist who could save the world…with me so far?

So, you don the surgical gown, scrub up..everything’s ready. The scapel is placed in your steady hand…. and whooooosh you’ve forgotten what to do… Your brain has gone bye bye, your fingers refuse to work and you’re left standing like a dork while everybody else in the world steps easily around you.

There are those who refuse to accept the presence of the dreaded ‘block’. “We have bills to pay, we cant simply stop working.”

I wish it was that simple  for me, I really do. I work all day in an Inner city school before returning at night to start my writing ‘job’. It’s my choice, I love to write but unfortunately, it doesnt  always like me.

Four months of not having the ability to put finger to keyboard has been hell on wheels for me.

But I’m back on the road to writing Valhalla…. watch this space.

Food for Thunk

Food for Thunk.

You’ve written your what?

That’s the next  big step after finishing your masterpiece whether it’s a short story or fully blown 100,000 word time.

Ok, let’s assume you decide to self- pub it… you upload it with a fantastic cover, brilliant blurb… and  …. nothing.

You now have to publicise it.

How do you do that and where?

Everyone you speak to has a different answer, a different method and some I’m sure tell you the wrong way to do it.. just to avoid the competition.

Well, I don’t walk along the path of every other author is a rival. I think we should be helping each other. So here’s your chance..all the writers out there. If you’ve found a successful way of promoting your book…post it here…. 


It’s over to you x